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Transcript: When You Gamble With Safety, You Bet Your Life”

[Upbeat piano music]

[An electrician and his young apprentice walk into a house carrying tool kits. The apprentice closes the door.]

Okay. We’ve got a busy day today. I’ve got a couple of tough jobs for you to do.

Okay! Whatever you need done.

Okay, so I am going to go upstairs. There is a light fixture that I need to replace. What I want you to do is go downstairs and there is a faulty receptacle that I need replaced. I’ll show you where it is.”

[Apprentice and Electrician reach for their tool kits and go look at the outlet that needs fixing.]

Okay, so can you handle it?



[Electrician walks off to fix the light upstairs. Apprentice looks down at outlet. He looks confused.]

Apprentice (thinking)
Hmm. I’ve never done this before. Should I tell my boss? Would he get mad? I’ll flip a coin. If it’s heads, I’ll do the job. If it’s tails, I’ll tell my boss that I don’t know how to do it.

[Menacing music starts]

Apprentice stands up and removes his coat. He flips a coin on his hand. The coin is heads.

Hmm. Guess I’m doing the job.

[Apprentice kneels and unscrews the outlet. He pulls it out of the wall and looks at the wires inside. He goes to cut one of the wires with pliers.

Hmm…which wire do I –

[Screen goes black. Electricity sound buzzes.]

[Video reverses, rewind sound effect.]

[Rewind stops where Electrician is showing Apprentice the outlet.]

Okay. Can you handle it?

[Upbeat piano music starts again.]

Umm… to be honest I really don’t think I have enough experience. Uh, would you maybe be able to help me out?

Sure I can. I’m glad you asked. It’s better to be safe.

[On screen: It’s Better To Be Safe. Don’t Be Embarrassed To Ask For Help.]

[On screen: When You Gamble With Safety You Bet Your Life]