What to do if my pet accidentally eats a bait

[Title: Ask an Expert - What to do if my pet accidentally eats a bait?]

Anne: Welcome to the Ask an Expert series.

Today’s question is: What to do if my pet accidentally eats a bait?

My name is Anne McCarthy and I’m a Science Transfer Specialist with the Province of Ontario.

If your pet eats a bait, first thing to know is that they're safe.

The baits were extensively safety testing before being licensed for use in Ontario.

Second, if you can try to get your pet to drop the bait or remove it from its’ mouth

We've had cases where animals, particularly dogs have eaten one or two and they've had some digestive upset that's mostly because of the waxy content.

We have had cases where animals, and particularly dogs, eating a couple of baits and then experiencing some digestive upset afterwards.

Which is made of a vegetable-based wax, green food dye and marshmallow flavouring.

The liquid vaccine inside is not harmful.

In rare cases it can be a risk to animals that are either immuno-compromised or have vaccine allergies.

So, if your pet ever comes in contact with the bait, we recommend you call your vet as a precaution.

You can Learn more at: Ontario.ca/rabies