What to Ask When Hiring a Mover

[A series of slides are seen, showing in-progress moves in houses and apartments. A narrator speaks on the soundtrack.]

NARRATOR >> What to ask when hiring a mover.

Question 1: Does the mover have a good reputation?

Start by asking friends and family for recommendations.

Once you have a mover in mind, always ask for and check three references.

You should also check online reviews and go to ontario.ca/ConsumerBeware to search for recent charges, complaints or convictions.

Question 2 : Do they have insurance?

It’s also a good idea to get the name of their insurance provider and their policy number.

Question 3: Can your estimate be included in your contract?

Under Ontario law, a mover cannot charge you more than 10% above the estimated cost, unless you agree to change the estimate because you need new goods or services.

Question 4: Who is responsible for damage or loss? Ask, and consider including it in your contract.

Question 5: What happens if there is a delay, like if the mover’s vehicle breaks down?

Asking for details can help avoid some problems.

Know your rights. Ask the right questions.