Vaccines Help Protect Against Illness and Outbreaks Nancy Graham

[Light music is heard on the soundtrack.]

[Photos are shown of children being vaccinated in Sierra Leone. Nancy’s voice is heard.]

NANCY GRAHAM >> I was involved with an outbreak in Sierra Leone.

[TITLE: Nancy is a Registered Nurse.]

[TITLE: She has years of experience fighting preventable diseases in Ontario and abroad.]

[Nancy is shown being interviewed. She gets visibly emotional as she recalls a moment from her time overseas.]

NANCY >> I remember very clearly a young couple weeping as their little baby girl passed away.

We're so fortunate to have these vaccines here in Ontario.

[Footage is shown of a baby boy being immunized and receiving a check-up in a clinic. He looks very happy.]

NANCY >> It seems so remote for parents. If they keep their kid healthy and happy, they won't catch diseases.

[Nancy is seen being interviewed once again.]

NANCY >> But they're not realizing - if they're not vaccinated, they are at risk.

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