Tri-National Agricultural Accord

[TITLE: Tri-National Agricultural Accord.]

[Video begins with an establishing shot of a farmer's field.]


MALE VOICEOVER >> Ontario, Canada will host the 25th annual Tri-National Agricultural Accord in 2016.

[Shot of grapes being picked from a vine. Animation of the Province of Ontario's global reach in Agriculture. Shot of a farmer's plow working in a field.]

[Shot of cows eating hay on a farm. Shot of vegetables being picked from a farm's vegetable plot. Shot of kale chips being manufacted at a food processing facility.]

MALE VOICEOVER >> We are a food processing powerhouse.

[Shot of various foods being manufacted at food processing facilities.]

MALE VOICEOVER >> Global leaders in innovation.

[Shot of pristine grocery store in Ontario. Shots of packaged foods in grocery store. Shot of transport truck driving along an Ontario highway.]

MALE VOICEOVER >> And Canada’s second largest exporter of Agri-Food products.

[Shots of the Canada/United States border crossing. Shots of transport trucks lined up at border crossing.]

[Establishing shot of Niagara Falls.]

MALE VOICEOVER >> Join us at one of the world’s wonders, the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls, Ontario, October 26th through 28th, 2016.

[TITLE: Ontario Niagara Falls, 2016 Summit logo.]

[TITLE: Ontario Niagara Falls, 2016 Summit logo. Tri-National Agricultural Accord logo.]