Together We Can Change Climate Change

[Person doing voiceover taps microphone, causing feedback. When this happens, we see a deer in a forest perk-up it's ears.]

NARRATOR >> Fellow Ontarians. Climate Change threatens us all.

[We see an owl poke its head out of a tree. We see a squirrel turn and face the camera, as it sits on a tree branch. We see a different deer taking notice as it stands in the middle of a pond. We see a different owl turn and face the camera as it sits on a tree branch.]

NARRATOR >> But it's not a lost cause. We're investing in transit to get cars off the road. Rewarding businesses for using less.

[We see some otters playing in the water, then turning to the camera. We see (and hear) a moose, as it turns to the camera in a forest. We see a rabbit perk up in the grass as it eats a leaf. We see a beaver appearing to applaud its paws by the river. We see a squirrel eating, a bird flapping it's wings in the forest, and a family of ducks together in the water.]

NARRATOR >> And best of all, Ontario has burned its last piece of coal to generate electricity.

[We see a turtle sticking its head out of the sand. We see a lynx sitting with a friend in the snow. We see a dophin bounce in and out of the water. We see (and hear) a pack of wolves howling. We see a flock of birds take off from a large tree.]

NARRATOR >> The world is watching.

[Sounds of animals celebrating - We see a school of fish jumping in and out of a river. We see a walrus turning on a beach and lying on its back. We see (and hear) a goose flapping its wings and calling out in the river. We see a skunk make its way out of the trunk of a tree. We see a bird in the forest flapping its wings. We see a polar bear sliding down a bank of ice on its back. We see (and hear) a wolf howling in the forest.]

[TITLE: Together we can change climate change.]

[We see two otters running after each other in the snow.]

NARRATOR >> Do your part at

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[TITLE: Paid for by the Government of Ontario.]