Public Accounts 101

VOICEOVER >> You might have a budget to help keep your financial goals on track.

So does the Ontario government.

Released annually, the Provincial Budget outlines what the government plans to spend in the upcoming year based on its priorities in areas like healthcare, education, social services and infrastructure; and, what it expects to receive in taxes and other sources of revenue.

But did you know the Ontario government also releases something called the Public Accounts?

Much like you might check your spending against your income, the Public Accounts show how the government actually spent money in the past fiscal year compared to what it planned to spend.

The Public Accounts include:

a high level summary of the entire government’s financial activities, consolidated financial statements, and detailed financial information that shows the results for individual ministries, organizations and payments made during the year.

And, just as your own budget shows you whether you need to earn or save more to meet your spending goals, the Public Accounts show how the province did.

Public Accounts are about transparency and accountability.

Before being released, they are independently examined and verified by the Auditor General.

To see the public accounts and learn more about government spending see