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[Video animation shows safety steps and guides for child car seat safety in Ontario.]

[Title: Child Car Seat Safety]
Narrator: Here’s what you need to know about child car seat safety in Ontario.
It’s the law in Ontario for children to travel in the appropriate child car seat.
Using it correctly can significantly reduce injuries in the event of a crash.
When purchasing a child car seat, ensure that it has this label on it — Transport Canada’s National Safety Mark;
indicating that the car seat complies with all Canadian regulations and standards.
The best seat is the one that fits your budget, the weight and height of your child, and your vehicle.
As your child grows, it’s safest to let them outgrow the child car seat’s limits before moving to the next stage.
To learn about proper use, read the manual that comes with your child car seat.
For instance, be sure to register your child car seat online or by mail. In the case of a recall, the manufacturer can only reach you if you have.
Use the appropriate belt path for rear or forward-facing installation.
An indicator on the child car seat will indicate if the seat is installed at the proper angle.
A forward-facing child car seat must be top-tethered, to prevent it from tipping forward in the event of a crash.
Avoid securing children in car seats dressed in bulky items such as sports equipment or puffy winter clothing as this can compromise the harness fit.
And be aware, after market products that weren’t part of the original packaging may affect how your seat performs during a crash.
When in doubt, contact the car seat manufacturer.
Properly installing and using the right child car seat is the best way to prevent serious injury to children in collisions.
Their safety starts with you.
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