Know Your Rights: Hiring a Roofer

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[Shots of Host standing outside a house that has a newly-shingled roof. During his comments below, there are also close-up shots of referenced documents and b-roll of topical footage.]

HOST >> You always have to be on guard when you get an unsolicited sales call, either by phone or in person. That roofing guy on your doorstep? Says he's doing work in the neighbourhood and can give you a good price? Maybe so - but every year consumers pay for repairs that aren't needed, or never get completed. Here are some steps you should take to make sure you're not being conned. Insist on a written estimate. It's your right and it's the law. No estimate, no sale. If the roofer says your roof is in bad shape and needs urgent repairs, ask for pictures of the trouble spots. Even a picture taken on a mobile phone will be better than nothing. Ask to have the pictures emailed to you, so you have a record. Make sure the invoice, estimate or contract gives the full name of the sales person and the name, address and phone number of the business. Do not sign on the spot. Take a couple days to research the business. Many municipalities require roofers to be licensed, so a check with City Hall may tell you if your roofer is in good standing. Also check our online Consumer Beware List for complaints or charges. Know your rights.

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