It’s Your Job Video Competition, 2015: Who I’d Still Have

[Slow classical music]

[A series of shots in different locations introduce us to a number of different people.]

[A young man and woman look out at a lake.]

[A young hockey player on the ice at practice.]

[Hockey players carry gear.]

[Young boys practice to be a rock band.]

BOY ON DRUMS >> I'm officially trying - I am now officially trying!

[Boy on drums drops his drumstick.] [Clattering sound]

BOY >> Ready?

[Drumming sounds]

[A grey-haired man walks down his driveway holding a dog treat.]

[TITLE: Four of them are dead.]

[A young hockey player walks into practice.]

[His hockey team faces off against another team.]

[A mom happily watches the young hockey players form the stands.]

[The hockey game wraps up.]

[The young couple hugs while someone takes a photo.]

[The couple talks and holds hands by the lake.]

[The young woman accepts the young man’s marriage proposal. They kiss.]

[A guitarist and drummer laugh together on chairs.]

[Flashback: the guitarist and drummer as children, playing their instruments and laughing.]

[The guitarist walks into a graveyard.]

[Flashback: the young drummer as a child at his drum set.]

YOUNG DRUMMER >> And as you keep doing it you go- you go faster.

[The guitarist looks at wreaths in the graveyard.]

[A dog runs to get a treat from the grey-haired man.]

[The man from the young couple sits in a chair and looks sad.] [TITLE: Unreasonable deadline.]

[The dog sits in a chair and looks sadly forward.] [TITLE: Irresponsible co-worker.]

[The guitarist sits beside an empty chair and looks sad.] [TITLE: Rush for extra pay.]

[The hockey player’s mom looks forward, sad.]

[Photo of the hockey player as a child in a team plaque.] [TITLE: Afraid to question authority.]

[TITLE: There are nearly 1000 Canadian fatalities at the workplace every year.]

[TITLE: You have the right to a safe workplace.]

[TITLE: Cherish Life.]

[TITLE: Who I’d Still Have’ - A Workplace Safety P.S.A. by Pranay Noel & Martin Czachor. Music by Pranay Noel. Special Thanks: Nicole Czachor, Kevin Bialczak, Tomi Slav, Matthew Rocha, Joseph Giannou, Premla D’Sa, Jerzy Czachor, Aneta Czachor, Martin Mitolinski, Robert Brandstetter. Statistics provided by CBC ‘Workplace safety by the numbers’ – Daniel Schwartz. All the characters and scenarios depicted are fictitious, any resemblance to real life entities are purely coincidental.]