It's Your Job Video Competition, 2015: It's Your Job

[Classical music] [A hammer sits on a table.]

[A ladder is unfolded.]

[TITLE: In 2012, there were 977 workplace fatalities in Canada.]

[Rungs of ladder are shown.]

[TITLE: And in 2013, there were 241,934 workplace injuries.]

[Rungs of ladder are shown.]

[TITLE: Every nine hours, a worker dies.]

[The hammer sits on the table. Shifting light conveys time passing.]

[TITLE: Every day, 672 workers are injured.]

[TITLE: Every hour, 28 workers are hurt.]

[TITLE: Every three minutes, a worker fears for their life.]

[The hammer is placed on the ladder.]

[A carton of eggs is opened.]

[TITLE: Every 15 minutes, 7 people are injured.]

[The eggs are numbered 1 to 7.]

[The hammer falls off the ladder and hits 6 of the eggs one by one. Each egg has a different scared face drawn onto it.]

[A hand catches the hammer before it hits the last egg.]

[TITLE: Every workplace accident is preventable.]

[Close-ups of the crushed eggs.]

[TITLE: Every single one.]

[TITLE: Film maker’s logo: Corner of the Couch Productions]

[TITLE: Statistics courtesy of the Worker’s Compensation Board of Canada.]

[TITLE: Darby Huk]