It's Your Job 2017 Speak Up, Act Now, Stay Safe!

[Upbeat music.]

[Lego man falling through space.]

[TITLE: This is Bob.]

[Lego man hits a table and breaks into pieces.]

[Video rewinds. Lego man reconstitutes and flies back up.]

[The Lego man falls again, this time with a hard hat on.]

[The Lego man lands on his feet.]


[The Lego man walking.]

[TITLE: When you are on the job, make sure you are always in a safe workplace environment.]

[A different Lego worker falls from a platform.]

[Lego workers run from a Lego monster.]

[Yelling in background.]


[A second Lego worker drops off a Lego log on the first Lego worker’s table.]

[TITLE: When on the job don’t use any machinery without any knowledge and without proper safety equipment.]

[The Lego worker looks worried and lifts the chainsaw.]

[Chainsaw sound effect.]

[The Lego worker cuts the log and the table, then cuts his arm off.]

[TITLE: With proper gear and knowledge this prevents any harm done.]

[Safety goggles appear on the Lego worker’s head.]

[The Lego worker looks confident and pulls down his safety goggles.]

[Chainsaw sound effect.]

[The Lego worker and starts the chainsaw and cuts the log successfully.]


[A Lego worker in biohazard suit hands a Lego worker without biohazard suit a toxic-coloured Lego piece.]

[The Lego worker without biohazard suit looks worried.]

[The Lego worker in the biohazard suit walks away.]

[A Lego monster starts chasing the Lego worker without the biohazard suit.]

[The Lego worker runs away.]

[TITLE: Speak up, act now, stay safe!]