It's Your Job 2017 Silent About Safety

[Old-time piano music.]

[TITLE: In School]

[A girl and boy sit in desks beside each other. The girl hands the boy a piece of paper.]

[TITLE: “Here’s the assignment. Need me to explain it?”]

[Boy takes paper and mouths “Nah, I got this”]

[TITLE: “No, I’ve got this”]

[TITLE: On The Road]

[Boy stands on the side of a road with the hood of his car open.]

[Truck drives by and stops.]

[TITLE: “Need some help?”]

[Boy puts up his hand to signal stop and mouths “I’ve got this”]

[Truck drives away, boy continues fixing car.]

[TITLE: In The Gym]

[Boy stretches and lays down on a bench, preparing to lift a barbell.]

[A second boy looks at him.]

[TITLE: “Hey, need a spotter?”]

[First boy waves no and mouths “I’m fine thanks”]

[Second boy widens his eyes, shakes his head and continues lifting weights.]

[TITLE: At Work]

[A boy in safety glasses shows a second boy in safety glasses to a circular saw.]

[TITLE: “Here’s the machine you will be using. Do you need instruction?”]

[Second boy nods and mouths “No, I’ve got this”]

[TITLE: “No, I’ve got this”]

[Second boy moves the saw and looks confused. He scratches his head.]

[Screen goes black. Power saw sound effect.]

[TITLE: In 2015, over 6000 preventable injuries happened to young workers – Ontario Ministry of Labour]

[Heart monitor sound effect.]

[TITLE: Don’t be silent about your safety. Ask for help.]