How to apply for the new OSAP


[TITLE: How to apply for OSAP]

[Screen captures from the online OSAP application process are shown on screen. Graphics offering additional context appear occasionally.]

NARRATOR >> Congratulations! You're going to university or college. And you've made

the smart move to apply for the new OSAP to help pay for tuition and other expenses.

With the new OSAP, more students than ever before are eligible for financial aid. And over 210,000 students could be eligible for free tuition.

Let's find out how OSAP – a mix of grants and loans - can help pay for college or university costs. Applying for the new OSAP is easy. All you need to do is set up your profile, click the application and submit your supporting

documents. That's how easy it is!

To apply for OSAP you need to register online at . You only have to set up

your profile once. You'll answer questions about yourself, where you live and how you'd like to be contacted. If you give us your email address, you can keep in touch with you about your application.

Now it's time to start! Take a moment to review what information you'll need to complete the application. You'll need to provide information about the school and program, you, and your

family. First, tell us when your classes start. It's important that the info you enter is accurate, especially the date you last attended high school.

For students still in high school, enter the date you expect to graduate. Next, info on loans if you've never had one before. Then the OSAP application agreement page.

Click "yes" to proceed. Now, select your college or university. Search for your program, make sure the program you pick has the right campus, the correct year study and the correct start date. At this point you'll be asked about your course load percentage - full-time students

should enter 100%. The school and program section is now complete! You'll see that

there is a check mark beside it at the top.

[TITLE: “I am single, separated, divorced or widowed and have no dependent children living with me.”]

NARRATOR >> Next up: you. Let's pause here and take a good look at your Current Situation page. If you're a high school student, you'll most likely select this choice. At the top of the screen, the application will show what steps you finished. You can use these links to go back to previous sections at any time. Next up your income and assets. A few quick questions about yourself.

Then tell us what income you expect to get from the government before your school starts, what income you expect to get while you're in school, and any scholarships or government aid you'll get. Then tell us if you have any assets. This completes the section on you!

If you're a student who graduated high school less than 4 years ago, it's now time to get your

parents involved! Ask your parents for their social insurance number, date of birth and amounts from their income tax return. It's important to note that you can pause at any time, save the application and come back to it at a later date. Save your application by hitting save or just clicking next. Once you have your parents info, enter it here.

Remember when entering info, the more accurate it is, the fewer delays and processing your application. Please note all income is verified by the Canada Revenue Agency. This completes the section on your family if there's any information missing, this page will list which steps are not finished.

Okay, once everything is complete, you'll be taken to review and submit. And it will look like this.

Now for the big reveal. This is how much money you could get in grants - money you keep - and loans -  money you repay. It's just an estimate at this point until your application is processed.

The next important page is "Your Documents". You must provide these before OSAP can finalize your application and release any money you may get. For first-time OSAP applicants the most important document is the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement. This is a lifetime loan agreement that you only have to complete once. Print, complete and sign your agreement, then take it to any Canada Post office. You have to take it to a post office to have your ID

verified. Documentation will then be submitted for you by Canada Post.

The rest of your documents can be accessed at any time, downloaded, printed, filled out and signed. Once completed, it can be uploaded on this page.

[TITLE: Is that it?]

NARRATOR >> You've registered, you completed your application, hit submit, you know which supporting documents you need to fill out. What more do you need to do?

[TITLE: Check the status of your application: Visit, click “Check Status”]

NARRATOR >> You need to regularly check the status of your application. Remember, you gave us your email address? That means we can now send you a reminder email. When you get an email from us, go to your message center to view the latest updates to your application.

That's all there is to it - well, the application part anyway! The next steps are done by OSAP, like verifying your income with Canada Revenue Agency, then you'll get details about how much money you'll get, and when it'll be in your bank account. It comes in installments after your school confirms your enrolment. Check out / OSAP for details on next steps. Thanks for taking the time to learn how to apply for the new OSAP.