Health System Transformation: Marina - cutdown

[This video is animated. Marina is shown in a circle on a purple background. Her eyes blink]

[Title: Meet Marina. Marina is 45 years old. She and her family moved from Portugal to Toronto two years ago.]

[Frame fades to all purple and a white line enters from the top, leading to the title]

[Title: In the Future]

[A close up of Marina appears on screen. She is smiling. A bubble appears and inside it shows four members of her Ontario Health Team. Four smaller bubbles connect to the larger bubble and each shows a different health care icon - home care, respite care, hospital and family health team.]

[Title: Marina is supported by a team. She is quickly connected to a family practice and community resources that will take care of her whole family.]

[Marina and her elderly mother are in a doctor’s office speaking with a geriatrician. The doctor shakes hands with Marina’s mother.]

[Title: Marina’s Ontario Health Team helps her arrange an in-home assessment and an appointment for her mother to see a geriatrician on the team. Her mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.]

[A bubble appears showing Marina, her elderly mother and members of their Ontario Health Team. Three smaller bubbles connect to the larger ones and show icons for home care, secure home and a calendar.]

[Title: Marina, the geriatrician and her Ontario Health Team develop a plan together, including home care, changes to make the apartment safer, and an adult day program for seniors nearby.]

[A computer screen shows some health information about Marina’s mother. A cursor moves around the screen.]

[Title: Marina can also monitor her mother’s health status by checking her health information and upcoming appointments online.]

[A happy Marina appears on screen and beside her a bubble appears with an icon of hands supporting people.]

[Title: Marina is connected to a support group for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s. She also enrolls her mother in weekend respite care once a month.]

[Marina and her elderly mother are in the apartment living room. Marina has her arm around her mother’s shoulders. Both are smiling]

[Title: She is relieved her mother will be taken care of and can still live at home. One team. One record. No gaps.]