Health System Transformation Gloria Cutdown

[This video is animated. Gloria is shown in a circle on a purple background. Her eyes blink]

[Title: Meet Gloria. She’s 83 and lives in Barrie. She had hip replacement surgery last week. It was a routine procedure that was scheduled a few months in advance. Gloria is generally in good health and is looking forward to getting back on her feet. ]

[Frame fades to all purple and a white line enters from the top, leading to the title]

[Title: In the Future. Gloria’s experience after being discharged from the hospital.]

[Gloria, with a walker, is surrounded by 3 health care providers at the hospital]

[Title: Gloria gets home care and rehab, arranged by her health team.]

[Gloria is at home sitting on the edge of her bed with her cellphone to her ear. A close up of her cellphone screen shows she is calling her Health Team.]

[Title: Gloria has help whenever she needs it.]

[Gloria is sitting on the edge of her bed with a nurse beside her holding a computer tablet]

[Title: Gloria’s home care nurse works with her to schedule convenient times to visit…]

[Close up of a computer screen with a card, arrow mouse cursor and magnifying glass. The magnifying glass and cursor move across the screen]

[Title: …and arrives with digital access to her health history and all the right equipment.]

[The nurse stands in front of the door to Gloria’s fridge.]

[Title: The nurse notices Gloria’s fridge is looking bare.]

[The door to Gloria’s fridge opens shows only a couple of items. The nurse lifts her cellphone to her ear.]

[Title: She connects with Gloria’s health team and they arrange for a meal delivery service.]

[Gloria is sitting on the edge of her bed with her nurse standing beside her. A thought bubble appears from Gloria and the faces of her health care team members appear in the bubble. Gloria smiles.]

[Title: Gloria knows what to expect and is well on the way to recovery.]