Health Care Options Near You

[Woman sitting at computer in living room. Man approaches]

MAN >> Hey, what’re you lookin’ at?

[Music rises, characters sing]

[Woman looks at man. She has an obvious case of pink eye]

WOMAN >> Oh if you’ve got pink eye…

[Teenage girl in bed, looking at her phone. Her voice sounds stuffed up]

TEENAGE GIRL >> Or get mono from your guy…

[Couple standing in bathroom with pregnancy test]

COUPLE >> If your stick is turning blue…

[Girl in examining room with her father. Her nose is red from a cold or flu]

GIRL >> Or you’ve got a case of flu…

[Doctor checking woman for strep in examining room. Woman’s voice muffled because of the tongue depressor in her mouth. Subtitles appear on screen]

WOMAN >> If you think you’ve got strep…

[Young man has fallen down the stairs. A bruise is on his face.]

YOUNG MAN >> Or you missed that last step…

[A group of friends sitting in a living room eating sushi. Sick girl runs to bathroom, holding her mouth, likely due to food poisoning]

GROUP >> If you ate a bad tuna roll...

[First woman is shown in living room again]

WOMAN >> tells you where to go.

[First man, looking nonplussed]

MAN >> Okay.

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