Getting Vaccinated is a Foundation for a Healthy Life Cate Parker

[Light music is heard on the soundtrack.]

[Footage is shown of sports trophies on display in a boy’s room. A shot of Thomas Parker playing baseball is seen. Cate Parker’s voice is heard.]

CATE PARKER >> If a cold lands him in an operating room, what would measles do?

[TITLE: If Cate's son gets an infection, he could become seriously ill.]

[Cate Parker is seen being interviewed in her dining room.]

CATE >> Sickness in our house is a really big deal. As a parent of a child who has CVID, it can be really scary some days.

[Footage is shown of Thomas at the Hospital for Sick Children undergoing a regular infusion treatment for CVID.]

CATE >> Thomas doesn't fight disease, he doesn't fight viruses, he doesn't fight infection.

[TITLE: To keep her son healthy, Cate relies on you and your children being vaccinated.]

[Footage is shown of Thomas warming up with his baseball team.]

CATE >> As Thomas comes in contact with other kids who are sick, the likelihood of him getting sick too is very, very high.

[TITLE: Unless we all get vaccinated, we put kids like Thomas at risk of becoming seriously ill from vaccine-preventable diseases.]

[A series of Parker family photos is shown.]

CATE >> Family is everything to us. We really, really celebrate the moments that we have, recognizing that we really don't know what tomorrow brings.

[Thomas is shown coming up to his parents in the stands at the baseball game and giving them a hug.]

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