Getting Vaccinated Can Help Keep You and Your Family Safe Tara Hills

[Light music is heard on the soundtrack.]

[Footage is shown of Tara pushing one of her children on a swing.]

TARA HILLS >> I see my two-year-old. Struggling with a cough so hard he's turning blue. And he's just coughing and coughing and you just got to wait until he finally vomits.

[TITLE: Tara chose not to vaccinate her children.]

[TITLE: Her children became ill with whooping cough.]

[Tara is seen being interviewed in her living room. As she speaks, footage is shown of her children playing on a playground.]

TARA >> I think it's understandable that especially moms would put a lot of credence into what other moms are saying. On the internet, on Facebook, it's a tool, like anything. And it can be used really positively to share information. It also can be used to spread bad information.

[Footage is shown of family photos on the wall of Tara’s home]

TARA >> The best way to protect our children was actually to vaccinate them, where we had thought the best way to protect them was not to.

[TITLE: Free vaccines are available to children in Ontario.]

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