Digital Dealership Registration

[Opening screen with title, along with ServiceOntario and the Government of Ontario logo.]

Narrator: Digital Dealership Registration, or DDR, is transforming the way you’ve been doing business with the government of Ontario.

[Four new parked cars fade in, along with a city skyline in the background. One car starts to drive forward. The words simpler, faster, better is emphasized.]

Narrator: It makes vehicle registration more convenient for dealerships and customers. Purchasing and selling a vehicle is simpler. Faster. Better, by allowing participating dealerships to complete several high-volume vehicle transactions at the dealership, rather than in-person at ServiceOntario.

[City skyline fades away; the car enlarges and centres on the screen.]

Narrator: Participating dealerships can register new passenger vehicles.

[Car drives off screen. 2 older cars drive onto screen and one drives away. An Ontario registration permit appears with a green checkmark.]

Narrator: Transfer ownership of used vehicles.

[Ontario registration permit and green checkmark disappears. The used car disappears and a new car pops up.]

Narrator: Accept trade-ins.

[Ontario licenses plate appears and attaches to the new car.]

Narrator: And issue vehicle permits with new license plates or the transfer of existing plates.

[Car drives off screen. A green screen appears with a screenshot of email authentication.]

Narrator: With DDR, dealerships can register vehicles right on site.  It’s safe and secure – your account and your customer’s information are protected.

[Line flows and morphs into a dollar coin, then morphs into a laptop displaying the DDR homepage.]

Narrator: Dealerships will save time and money, and customers will have their newly purchased vehicle registered in minutes.

[Demo of the DDR platform begins, showing trade-in vehicle process.]

Narrator: DDR also provides a simple way to complete trade-in vehicle information.

[Demo of the DDR platform continues, showing the trade-in dashboard.]

Narrator: The Trade-in dashboard gives you everything you need to know.

[Demo of the DDR platform continues, showing the uploading document processes.]

Narrator: The system is user-friendly and will guide you as you upload information to ServiceOntario.

[Demo ends, map of Ontario fades in, with Trillium logo building into the map.]

Narrator: Digital Dealership Registration will continue to improve as we work together to make doing business with the Ontario government simpler, faster, and better.

[Background fades to white, showing the website URL for DDR.]

Narrator: For more information about the program and how dealerships can apply, please visit

[Background fades to green]

[Title: © King's Printer for Ontario, 2023]