CCAP Kid Solutions 60 EN

[TITLE: How will you stop climate change?]

[Series of pictures showing climate change effects around the world, with sound effects.]

[A number of children, one at a time, are seen speaking to camera. They are each holding a drawing they made.]

GIRL 1 >> Dear adults.

BOY 1 >> Dear grown-ups.

GIRL 1 >> You are not listening to children.

BOY 1 >> Earth gets hot.

BOY 2 >> It’s melting the ice and it’s falling into the ocean and then it’s melting in the ocean and raising sea levels.

GIRL 1 >> We will not have more trees or plants for oxygen.

BOY 3 >> So, the planet's feeling sad - I don't know if you can see the tears there.

BOY 4 >> Dear Earth...

GIRL 2 >> Get well soon.

BOY 5 >> This is my idea...

BOY 2 >> My idea...

GIRL 3 >> My idea for solving climate change.

BOY 3 >> It's kind of like sunscreen for the planet.

BOY 2 >> Little cars are using solar panels...

GIRL 3 >> The air gets into the car through this little air-hole.

GIRL 4 >> The fans should be on super high-speed.

GIRL 5 >> And the sun is going into the solar panels.

GIRL 1 >> Climate change sucks.

BOY 5 >> Sucks.

BOY 2 >> Sucks.

BOY 3 >> Climate change is serious - it's not like it's fake or anything! It's not like an April Fool's joke.

[TITLE: Let's not leave this for our kids to figure out.]

BOY 3 >> It's real.

[TITLE: Our today. Their tomorrow.]

NARRATOR >> Be a part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan at

[Ontario logo appears.]

[TITLE: Paid for by the Government of Ontario.]