Accessible Employment Standard for Small Businesses

[A series of animated scenes are shown, depicting different accessibility scenarios in Ontario workplaces.]

NARRATOR >> If you run a business or non-profit in Ontario, and if you have employees, the Accessible Employment Standard affects you.

Small businesses have four steps.

[TITLE: 1: Hiring]

NARRATOR >> Hiring:

Let people with disabilities know that they are welcome and that you will accommodate their needs in the hiring process.

[TITLE: 2: Workplace information]

NARRATOR >> Workplace information:

If an employee asks, provide information in an accessible format.

This can be as simple as emailing a digital version of a printed document.

[An animated figure sends an email with a document that reads “Very large text”]

[TITLE: 3: Developing talent]

NARRATOR >> Developing talent:

Think about the needs of employees with disabilities during performance evaluations.

For example, an employee with hearing loss may need to meet in a quiet place.

[TITLE: 4: Communicate accessibility policies]

NARRATOR >> Communicate accessibility policies:

Tell staff about your policies supporting employees with disabilities, including job accommodation. That’s what small businesses must do.

If you have 50 or more employees, you have 2 more steps.

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